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Periods Are Painful. We Know. We’ve All been Down and Under With Cramps, HB Bloating, Muscle Pain and What Not. These Period Symptoms Make It Quite Difficult To Carry Out Day-To-Day Function. But, We Got You. Depain Is The Ultimate Period Pal, Enriched With Spearmint, Orange And Calendula, It Relaxes The Uterine Muscles To Soothe You From Cramps, While Reducing Bloating. Indication: It helps in reducing the cramps caused due to menstrual periods, muscular fatigue and helps in giving a relaxed and relived feel Benefits: • 100% NATURAL & CHEMICAL FREE • PROVIDES INSTANT RELIEF • SOOTHES CRAMPS • EASES BLOATING • GENTLE ON SKIN • NON STICKY/ STAIN-FREE • EASY APPLICATION • EASY TO CARRY